What Are Neuro Maps?

 Brain in a Black Box

Your brain is essentially coordinating your existence from inside a black box. The brain doesn’t actually experience any of the sensory information the rest of your body takes in from the outside world. Rather, it gets given data which it processes into maps, or rules and parameters, about how your body can be expected to function in the world. When your body experiences trauma of any kind, the brain’s maps get deleted. It’s like your brain is the operator from the matrix, and all of a sudden one of the monitors goes out, or maybe several of them do. The brain panics, and it makes a snap decision to compensate for the data loss. It decides it’s best not to wander where you don’t have a map, and it may use something like pain to keep you from moving a part of your body in a way that the brain no longer has a map for. Neurophysiology allows your brain to rebuild lost maps, resulting in regained range of motion and relief from related chronic pain.

Why Address My Eyes?

You receive millions of bits of info per second through your eyes! Those inputs are of the highest priority to your brain (and consume the most calories). Visual movements like tracking, distance viewing, fine print focus, & periphery are all trainable skills! Improving these skills will help you respond faster, improve your mental clarity & focus, & improve overall productivity!

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