What is Brain Based Body Work?

A revolutionary therapeutic style designed to help you see well, balance well, & move well. It’s a fusion of movement re-education (neurophysiology) & therapeutic massage; utilizing your eye movements, balance system, & body movements to help you talk directly with your body’s boss, your nervous system! Communication truly is the basis of a healthy relationship, especially the one between you & your body!

How NIKneuro Can Help

I specialize in fascia release, scar tissue rehab, joint mobilization, injury & surgery recovery, upper extremity nerve impingement & so much more! See me today to help improve your range of motion, reduce pain & inflammation.

Highly Qualified

NIKneuro is a licensed massage therapist and movement re-educator. Complimenting that skill set, NIKneuro additionally has extensive training in the application of neurophysiology.

Experience Any of These Issues?

  • Post workout soreness lasting more than 3 days.

  • Headaches, dizziness, nausea, or digestive distress; during or post workout.

  • One side of your body is stronger or better balanced than the other.

  • Weight gain, even though you're doing all the right things!

  • Poor hand-eye coordination.

  • Car sick, motion sick, burpee sick, sea sickness, avoid roller coasters, watching others spin is nauseating, etc.

  • Generally over stressed & exhausted at the end of the day.

  • Reading is exhausting.

  • Over stimulated at the store.

  • Persistent agitation, road rage, etc.

  • Waking up with muscle or joint “tweaks”

  • You want to experience mood management through movement.

  • You want to further improve your already awesome skills!

Let’s learn to translate the signals your body gives you!

Get back to the life you love!
Heal your brain, heal your body

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